Tight Rope

The re’s a ro pe but you ca n’t gr ab  on

It’s slip ping t hrough my fin gers

My hand s are  get ting red

He’s pul ling

Tryi ng to disconn ect it from my gra sp


My han ds slowly loo sen

I fa ll

And fall

Un til I can’t fall thr ough the air any more


I hit the sur face

My b ody merging w ith the ice cold wat er

He is goi ng furth er and furth er away


The pers on you trus t the most

Has  the most po wer to hurt you

You let him h old your r ope

But he le t’s it go


It gets da rk

U ntil you can’t see him an ymore

And the n you realize you can’t see anythi ng

Dea th pushes and th en you go…


The Tight Rope is Gone


This poem is about: 
My community


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