Tiger Stripes


To be honest,

I absolutely hate myself.

My frizzy hair,

my jiggly arms,

my protruding belly.

I hate the way I need make up to 

actually feel like I am allowed to exsist. 

My stretch marks,

my acne,

my moles.

I hate the way I hate myself. 

I hate most

The fact people can't see that.

I hate that I have to try and hide

the way I feel inside.

Because it's annoying when a 17 year old girl

feels like she isn't perfect 

the way her mother spent 9 months to form.

It's "attention seeking"

when society tells girls that skinny is sexy

and too skinny is revolting,

and we complain about one way or the other. 

When I need compliments to get through my day

without feeling discousting,

I'm an "attention-whore."

I cover up my hate for myself.

I hide the need to be called beautiful. 

Because hating yourself and not feeling beautiful

is ugly.

It's unacceptable.

It's annoying.

And I don't need another voice in my head telling me I am these things.



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