Mon, 07/21/2014 - 12:34 -- Ocen

I like to watch the way you bleed
For a short time still
I can feel your pain; it’s like ecstasy
And it just sickly fills me up with glee
It’s not that I like to hurt you
Just obsessed it’s me you come to
When your pain is too great
And you need someone to help burden your hate
The truth is I don’t love you
Only want to protect you
Just in love with my legacy
The reasons for you loving me
Honestly, I only love being your cradle
The only one that can slow down, make better your reality
I want to be your comfort
I crave to be your lover
I yearn to be your exorcist
Your emotional physicist
Your deity, the toxic obsession you cannot resist
The trance you can’t awake from if given one kiss
The key to your delusion and the lock to your redemption
The reluctant demon to your welcomed possession
Under your skin every moment affecting your decisions; your sins
I want to be your ‘everything’


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