there's something mesmerizing about

an ocean.

being able to sit on the pier

on a cool spring evening

and imagine the thousands of fish

that swim far below depths imaginable.

sometimes it takes a few heartaches to realize

that is far more important to sit and listen

to the crash of waves

than to focus on issues

that drag us beneath the riptide.

sometimes it takes false judgement

to realize that sharks may not

always be as vicious as they seem.

and as i sit upon the pier

overlooking the sun kissing the shoreline

i realize

that there are over 7 billion people

living on earth

and millions of creatures

all existing in perfect harmony

and as i lift my arms to grab hold

of the wind

i realize that there are planets that

have yet to be discovered

and land that has gone untreaded.

i finally realize that there is still so much to experience

and when i feel small

i remember

that my problems are even smaller

and in this remarkable word

there is nothing

to be sad about.



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