It's the little things- really

The sound of nail files

Or those scratchy folders

Or even the beeping of a watch

It's the little things that set me off. 

Like the beating of a snare drum

Or controlling people

Or even the sound of buzzing bugs around a porch light.


But then again- when you think about it

It's those little things that motivate you

Counting down the days to an event

Buying a new pair of shoes 

Or even getting a new pencil bag.



It's the little things that keep you going- even when you feel like giving up

The things that make you twitch- also make you tick.

When you explode

What's really on your mind is expressed


By that new book or pair of socks. 

By anything, really.

Anything that makes you want to shout 

"This is me"

From the rooftops of every home in your town-

That expresses how I think or what I stand for.

That Makes Me Tick.


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