Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Time like a ticking bomb,

Counting down the years, months, days, hours, minutes,

Down to  the last seconds, the last second,

Of the deadlines, the "too lates", the missed opportunities.

Time putting an expiration date on our dreams, our goals, our happiness,

Taking away from the present and the now.


Every little moment forced to calculate, to recalculate,

No minute can be wasted, no second to spare.

And while all examine the exactitude of our productivity,

More time is lost to the unforgiving universe, 

Dissolved into stale air and slipping between our fingers 

The grains of sand on the beach of life, 

That instead invites treacherous waves and tsumanis of worrying and insecurity.


A wish to be lost but without clocks, without watches, without time,

To cherish the fleeting joyous memory of a fading happiness,

Never to be recovered in this reverse whirlwind. 

Only to be thrown back in reality, 

Into the jaws of a vicious reminder, weighed down with thoughts, 

Regrets of a better path once left far behind.


There must be a way to balance ourselves,

From tipping over and falling between peace and Time's anxious reminders,

A balance within ourselves with true serenity,

And accomplished adventures.



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