I wish you could see the fear in my eyes,

or the drumming of my fingers against the table.


Minutes of my high school career flying by on the clock.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The time goes on.


Who I am walks through the hallways with tangled webs of lies,

trailing behind me is the story of my life others have created, or rather a fable.


Four years have gone by and still my secrets are under key and lock,

no one got in but one, the one who I think of every dawn.


After this year the scenery will change and I'll have a new sight,

with that comes hands shaking, brow prespiring, throat dry.


In May I will walk across the glittering stage,

handed what I worked for all of high school.


A chance to have my dreams and start a future, oh so bright,

tears will come and goodbyes will follow as dear ones cry.


Chains and broken promieses fall away as I break from the cage,

No longer I am a fool.


All it takes is a deep breath and a blink,

then it's all over and there's a new adventure waiting to be found, just think.







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