Tick, Tick SWISH

What makes me tick?

It is but a simple trick

that allows me to flick

a ball into a goal

and have happiness fill my soul.


My head will spin

allowing me to win.

The team will beam

and my parents’ smiles will gleam.


The scent of popcorn and the noise of cheers

fill my nose and ears.

The sound of excitement overtakes the air

and at that point I have no other care.


From the very first time the ball is tipped

It feels like I’ve took a sip

of sweetest thing under the sun

and that’s when we begin to run.


Every time I shoot

In my mind I see that shot go through the hoop.

And with all my might I wish

that I will hear that sensational swish.


On defense the squeak of my shoes

shows that I’ve got the moves.

But the greatest sound of all

is the pound of that orange ball.


When time counts down on the clock,

I can practically hear its tick tock.

And even when we’re in a slump

my adrenaline begins to pump.


Then that final buzzer will sound,

with my heart continuing to pound.

We’ll shake hands with our competition,

and won’t regret a single decision.


This is what makes me tick you see;

it’s become a part of me.

It’s not just a game, it’s a lifestyle

and it’ll be mine for a long while.


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