Tick, Tick, Boom


My likes might not excite you

But they ignite me

When I sit back and truly ask myself

What is it that makes me come to life?

What is my passion, my motivation the reason I do what I do

Why, I would love to say it’s for others, that it’s for admiration or gratitude,

But I cant

Because the reason that sets my soul on fire

Is all for that mighty dollar


Money is my motivation it keeps me awake at night

It wakes me up early in the morning

It constantly stays on my mind, constantly in my realm of existence

The thing I crave, the thing I can never have enough of


Money can be the root of all evil but not to me,

you see It is the inspiration and a part of my needs

Money knocks me off my feet, makes me weak,

Makes my world go around

Keeps me from ever hitting the ground

Money is my sunshine on a rainy day

And lets me know that I will forever be ok


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