Tick, Tick

Tick, Tick
Watching my movements
Tracking my thoughts 
My ideas
As I turn my moments
Into motivation 
Into movements
A strength newly found

A breath I can take 
A season to watch
A wind to whisper 
In my ears
And tell me to watch for the sun
As it'll rise and fall
With all given days

But there's something more
That they tell me
If I watch close enough
If I stare hard enough
If I think well enough
That a whole new reality
One unknown to the world 
Will open will arms
Wide Open 
And I'll be able to run
Into a serenity
That's clear to see
That it was made
For people like
You and Me

This small little piece of heaven
Will only be inhabited by 
The people we chose to let in
And there will be no more sorrow
No more tears
That our true freedom 
Will finally be here
And on that day
Where the day comes to a close
And we stare at that 
Sunset road
We will know that 
Our fights
Our struggles
Our tears
Were all meant to get us here.


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