Tic toc tic toc


United States
42° 8' 14.7624" N, 90° 7' 50.808" W

I pressed myself against the clock.
I swear this time just won’t add up.
Anticipate to participate tic toc tic toc.
All I want is you.
I’ll take just one to gather my thoughts.
Mind keeps racing with all not said.
Walk in a maelstrom drift among the lost.
All I need is you.
Ice melts inside the globe.
Evaporated crystals scorch each breath
Degenerate I have become mad as the hatter for a gram.
Why can’t I ever be part of you?
Vision goes cloudy, but it never seems to rain.
Its times like this I question if I’m sane.
Devils candy torn the inside press my fingers deep inside try to find the perfect one.
All I see is you.
Together I become a cold man.
Never more, never more this is my stand.
Stole my heart my soul to boot then you tied my hands.
I hate you.
Once upon a time these were my days.
Days Filled with nothing shades of grays.
Self-medicated everything went down in vain.


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