A Thunderstorm

The plane can’t land in Kansas City,

For there is a storm over there.

“We’re in a holding pattern,” the captain announces,

“For it is not safe to land.”


Our relationship cannot land at marriage,

Because an addiction is in the way.

So we circle around, for who knows how long,

For it is not safe to land.


After the storm, I look out the window,

And flashes of lightning I see.

Even though we are quite a distance away,

I still see the storm as it leaves.


As we flee the addiction, I still look behind

At the pain, destruction, and heartbreak.

Even though we are quite a distance away,

I still see and hear the effects.


The further we fly, the less frequent the flashes

Of the lightning in the sky.

Until we finally land, in the Windy City,

Where a calm, peaceful night awaits.


As we near recovery, the less frequent the stings

Of the heartbreak and pain of the past.

Until we finally land, safely at marriage,

Where forever together awaits.


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