Thumping, Thudding, Madly Tossing

Three Fates fathomed a fellow to figure

Facsinating that which is feral and foul 

To be fervid and satisfying;

A furious felicity.


Three moaning eyes, muttering movements of demise,

In communion and motets;

Mouthing torment, and molding meticulous

Climaxes and impalements.


Three seeds planted within the abundant day,  

Defiling the blood of the divine

Land and verdure, delivering demons

To diffuse and demonstrate.


Two thumbs covering her eyes, intruding

On entry to truth and supplanting a

Treacherously comforting sight to note;

vitiating perception.


Two lips whispering through her ear, sounding

Spiders and snakes to slither and sail the

Chasms and fissures on the sides of her skull.


And a current, crawling into her

Intellect and catalyzing the descent

On the track she trekked,

Carefully and casually conducting her limbs

Like creatures anchored from chords below.


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