Thru the Eyes of Unimportance


White walls overcrowd with gold chains explicit language and tattoos

Pant sdrag against concrete

imprinting a woman's son's blood

Cool metal lies against thick hands

attached to a monsterous body

revealing ugly truth

Tear drops boast your ego

in which his face accompanies

My brother is This 

My cousin is This

I am supposed to date 



Fresh white covers this wooden picket fence

Creases form between the flabs of skini

mprinted from overuse

Row upon row of brick upon brick

The same structures remain unchanged

Husbands holds wife holds children

Barricaded is the two young heartbeats

Barricaded is the truths of the world

Barricaded is 



Long hair should hug your back

Skin should wrap around your body

In silk


Hour glasses shape who we are

The slant of eyes

Girls die for 

Recreate, make

Just to hate all over again

What defines beauty?

Beauty is the hour I take to apply makeup

Beauty is the crunches I do night & day

Beauty is the tears shed when deemed fat worthless and unattractive

Beauty is



Blonde streaks the black shirt worn on a paper thin body

Unintelligent thoughts flood her idle mind

Her manicured hand remains attached to gossip

Short skirts and Bare minerals are her saviors

Her mask of 

Flawless lies

lips lock onto sholderpads


of lustful seduction

She is the representation 

of mutalations

done by stereotypes

She is the blood

dripping from wrists

She is the strained vocal chords

Ringing through empty blackness

Raging themselves to get out

She is



This underlying Eutopia of an idea

Black is poverty intelligence

White is prosperous unity

Other is a box at the end of the lsit of the census

Nationalities make personalities

We are a society of imperfected lies


Watch these barriers come tumbling down

Into seas of forgetfullness and abhoration

Washed upon shores of land unknown


Lets let optimism be the American Dream

Lets take dusted hidden jewels

Uproot them from their shelld

grow and shine

Lets let love not be a color

Yet beautiful brown skinned babies

Lets let natural become human nature

Let us be human.


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