Through Hell And Back

2016 was such a difficult year
I started with ache.
My relationship wasn't doing well,
And there was too much distance
So we decided to break.

Worst things came after moving on.
I was a Junior in High
School became so difficult to manage
My personal life hadn't made it better
I just wanted to cry.

This lasted for 6 months
Lack of sleep affected my health
Anxiety and stress took over my life
With additional Depression and loneliness
I truly wanted to kill myself.

I was too scared to take my life
There was too much pain and strife
I thought it'd never end
But a man named Markiplier
Brought some light into my life.

I clung so dearly to this light
I had no ideas of my plan
There were so many hard times
But even in the worst of situations
I came to terms with who I am.

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