Through the eyes of a woman


A woman who is merely beautiful is boring

A woman who is beautiful, intelligent, courageous and powerful

is more along my cup of tea.

I am excited whenever I see her.

I am influenced with her every speech.

I watch intently as her lips pursed up.

I listen to her, I respect her.

She is my savior.

She is all of our savior.

A woman can be an unrelenting heroine

who cannot wait to save the day.

Quick witted women are not expendable,

For they are exquisite in every single way.

It does not matter whether she have soft curves,

A flabby stomach or muscles that ripple throughout her body.

She is still beautiful.

It does not matter if her jaw is square, rounded or heart shape.

I do not care, she is still beautiful.

Her soft skin can be riddled with wrinkles

Or she can have giant lines that surrounds her smile.

She is still beautiful.

Her skin can be golden or deep mahogany

Ranging from the palest pink or the many shades of brown.

She is wonderful

Absolutely remarkable.

I like that she’s smart

And speaks up for herself

And fights for what SHE believe in.

We need that.

My society needs that.

And so does yours.


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