Through the Distance

Silver streams of moonlight illuminate the breaking

of the waves against the shore.  Ice-cold water caresses my feet,

caring and comforting. I wrap my arms about my sodden self

as if trying to fill the empty void that now lies within. The rolling

of the thunder vibrates within me, sorting and sifting

through mutating memories of a not-so-distant past. A cool ocean

breeze brushes back a strand of hair, just as you used to.


In another world, you stand;

your evening dress blowing behind you with the breeze,

your hair ripples out behind you with the grace of Cassiopeia.

You stand waiting, for a being, a sign, a glimpse of what was

and also of what is to come. So you remain, gazing out over that

unpredictable rolling, dark mass, glancing upon the sporadic

 spray of the ocean, and lightning flashing in the distance.

Thunder echoes in your ears and the waves crash against the shore.

 Distractions. Yet from beyond the horizon the light comes.


The moonlight shines down upon us, filling us with hope

of tomorrow. Like a sentinel watching over us.

Stars above us shimmer, steady and sure, always guiding

the lost and the weary. We gaze upon their constancy and surety,

lost in the magnificence and majesty. Under their majestic,

steady hand, distance does not appear such an obstacle.

Peace flows between us as love spreads warmth

throughout the extremities of each.

A quiet surety fills our beings.

This poem is about: 
My family


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