What sets a soul aflame, is the breaking of restrictions

when one is finally tired of the limits of their own affliction

who wish in their heart of hearts to be free

where a little voice whispers, “is there more to me?”

they can not go back nor can they stay here

they wish to no longer be held by fear

they say, “the future will be my reprieve

so I can be allowed to freely breathe


The person in the glass, although sufficient

can be become even greater then proficient

with possibilities in mind and fire in heart

they speak to it the journey that has yet to start

they seize the opportunity to declare, “you can be more”

and that this person will also be someone they'll adore

and from the storm you can be sure

that their passion and light will endure


Only in the dark do we see the light

and it is for its sake that we fight

when sweet white diasies can outlive the storm

when opputunity and growth is taken in any form

That flame spring up bright and true

to emergence of a brand new you

those who within the storm are able to renew their fire

that semblance of hope and passsion for life inspires



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