Thrill Of The Chase

Never have I wanted to chase anyone with so much persistence and drive. Racing to the finish line called your heart, nothing could stop me from claiming this sweet victory. I've cared for others, wanted something lasting, someone special to call my own, but life ripped its rug from underneath the hopes I had placed there. They weren't meant to last, weren't to be taken serious. My heart, it had broken, lost its spunk, its will to be content with the control that was never mine. And still, I held tightly to the rope of hope, no matter the stinging my stubborn palms endured. But I digress that mess I ranted. Back to the tellings of a love so true, so strong, so you. Judgement you never handed me, never sat it in my lap to weigh me down even more. Never chained me to a chair that poked me with insults I couldn't rise from. Instead, you wiped my mirror clean. Spotless so that my reflection was crystal clear. Wanted me to see just how much better off I was without them. Your eyes, those beautiful pools of mystery, they see right through the way I was accustomed to living, being. They know all too well the secrets of me. Sometimes it scares me to be read so well. Afraid to fall short, afraid to be surrounded, to drown in my mistakes. But yet and still, you see me pass my past even I still struggle to look past. The loving affection your voice conveys brings a comfort to my soul, a peace to my mind. These are reasons I chase you, and then some. In these eyes of mine, you'll always be the shit, the one, a badass from head to toe, an angel at heart, a genius in mind. My appreciation for your existence must've existed long before I laid eyes on you. I've walked this earth before your physical was made visible, knew no one similar to me, no one who listened to music in detail like myself. But your presence, so warm and inviting upon that first meeting, I felt so welcomed, despite my uncomfortable ways in the beginning. Maybe I was uncomfortable because I couldn't conceive the concept of knowing you long before then. Why this one woman became a crush unlike any I'd ever had. Why my soul wandered down your path whenever you were near. To graduate from a crush, to the schooling this university of pure and genuine love has to offer, is something I shall never drop out of. To come home to you everyday would be a homecoming I'd love to celebrate. So do you see why I chase? Why I throw a leaf of caution to the wind? Cause as you told me once upon a time we kissed, tomorrow is not guaranteed. And I don't take it lightly. Let me love you in all I am allowed, let me show the world the Queen who's love is equivalent to finding a four leaf clover. At the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold is you. So happy I'm awake, because my dream finally came true.

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