Three of Many, All Within


In the soft light of an old lamp, at a university somewhere, everywhere

they sit and study, and study, and study

awaiting the chance to wage war against the unjust of today-of yesterday-of all time

of those whose lives were lost along the way to a war too big to understand.

Her light of wisdom 

of courage 

of power 

resides within us, 

the generations who sit in patience, ready to fight the atrocities ahead. 



the soft tropics of their skin compels the world to notice

to want them

to be them

The sheer strength of their being 

convinces us to rise above, to follow their lead

to yearn for the beauty that we see; whether it is light or dark, physical or material

we see that which is impossible, yet somehow living among us-

a glimmer of beauty radiating around us all-- the charm She bestowed upon her progeny

for all to see / to strive for / to forever have



the deep hum of a musical note 

romances itself through the air

Soft and warm and bright all at once

Enchanting the audience, falling in love with a song

His gifts of artistry sit in our hearts, awaiting to be opened.


Where they once stood tall and alive and powerful and beautiful, they now stand with us

alive inside

influencing each generation 

to be better

to be stronger

to be good.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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