The Thread That Holds Us Together

Sat, 10/17/2015 - 16:54 -- dmproca

Once Upon a time…
Oh no, this isn’t a fairy tale!
It’s the true life we live day in, day out
We are created pure and clean
With a knot bound by hard, warm hands and mighty rope.
It isn’t mythology
But our values and what pushes over the edge
Wearing and tearing by the hatred and scorns
We mourn as this string grows thinner
Just as it shrinks, it grows
And what has imprinted our souls
Nourishes the thread to coil a bit more and become thicker.
We only see the knot we are living with
And fail to see other coming apart.
Hoping that weakening another will strengthen us,
We are left wounded and cut instead.
Only those who seek beyond the hardships
And forget their own troubles,
But remember others are their true saviors
Some die with a strong, tough knot
The rest…by a thread about to slip
What rope do you want?
This is the thread that holds us together.

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