Thousands of Symphonies

Wed, 07/29/2015 - 00:19 -- NoahAlv


Of all the things that shift and turn, there is always a constant

In our bustling and shifting, we lose sight of our individual awesome

the dreams are lost, and new ones come

People leave and disappear, are replaced and resurface

Waves crash and recede, and reiterate once more

But some things will always be there

Our lives have soundtracks

Everyone’s is different

For some, life is a Moonlit Sonata

for others, Swan Lake

Everyone’s life is a symphony, filled with dips and crescendos

But also filled with High notes and beautiful melodies

The music is ever-changing, though it will always be there

Life, a song that we choose to sing

We can articulate it with thunderous devotion, or meek surrender

Though inevitably we all sing our songs

These songs are what make us awesome

They are what make us individuals

Those who do not have the voice to sing will sing through their writings

Their thoughts

Their actions

There does not exist a single person who lacks the ability to find their melody

It is easy to become lost while searching, but rest assured it is always there

The melodies of our lives do not fade away with age, or die down when our bodies dissipate

They remain, joining the shared chorus that makes up our world

That makes up humanity

An entire chorus resonating with the innocuous might of millions of lives

All intertwined and yet harmonious in their ways

It is beautiful

It is the beauty of what makes us all human

And it is truly awesome

As all should be.

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