Thoughts Too Loud

My thoughts are too loud to

not let out,

But I don't

know what to

write about,

the rhymes spout

but they all sound the same,

they fall from

the clouds where

my soul hides,

I crawl down

from the skies,

High on the



by colors painting life

into time,


from the grind

find aching


in my mind,

waiting to be defined

by signs with

no meaning,

I'm breathing but wheezing,

I'm living but dying,

I'll seize this

fading day

with my free

shaking hands,

watching greed parading

through a maze,

with a map

saved for the

highly paid

to navigate this place,

while the poor

pay the rich

just to pray to their God

for a way

to make sense

of the grey

all the fakes


to portray our mistakes,

in the end

they will flake,

we've forsaken common sense

we'll wake from

the waiting

our rights have been taken 

we'll march in


protesting damnation

we'll unite to escape from

sardonic corporations

it seems they

own the nation,

fallen to temptation,

supressing translation,

marketing starvation,

and selling salvation,

let's burn the inflation

and paint our frustration,

let's plant transspiration,

the earth needs hydration,

an upward filtration

of funding,

a system,

making us the victims

of capitalism,

the rhythm

sounds wicked,

depressing statistics

predicted conviction,

they've written prescriptions,

tickets to addiction

to forget affliction

and outrun the friction,

conundrums depicted

only crumbs they're spittin'

landing on 

wine stained shirts,

wasted like

watered lawns,

in a drought, that seems wrong,

like open eyes at dawn

waiting on

words from God,

darkness gone

but light brings shadows out,

hide the thing, stop that sound,

don't speak we're not allowed,

just be part of the crowd,

shut your heart, you're too loud

you're not smart, just look down,

just be cute, don't be proud,

pull your roots, from the ground,

I gotta stop these thoughts,

their cruel sound

can't define

rotten scars

in my mind

dragged down by

society's blunt lies,

glowing dots in the sky,

retorts caught in my spine,

like snapshots,

frowned on in second thought,

I cannot

take this cruel onslaught of


they taught us to hate on

ourselves and lust for death,

hold your breath,

you must wait

for the best,

it will come when nothings left.

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My country
Our world
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