Thoughts In Mind

Sitting in class, individual thinking,

at war with myself go my mind sinking,

down, the only way it seems to go,

dreams on living the big life and counting dough.

Im not talking about the Pillsbury boy,

Dad in &out of my life i think his goal is to destroy,

me, or maybe just made some bad moves,

never isolated but he's riding with the wrong crews.

But, it's all good, i raised a man my own,

we probably had memmories but alll those times are gone,

im grateful enough to have a mom and a nest,

all the guys that said they were different turned out like the rest.

See, im never stressing, the future is near,

responsibility, the word many people fear,

but any goal in my way guarantee i will accomplish,

haters, family and friends i will astonish.

Im not worried about pain, my focus on the loot,

started from the bottom from a seed turned a root,

the streets is deadly even minors shoot,

the thoughts in mind of a kid named scoot.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



the fact that it came from a honest mind.

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