Thoughts of a hustler

Im blocking out the pain and im never looking back/ enemys out to get me so im always staying strapped/ bullets always travel and i dont ever miss/ if i pull the hammer then the bullet u will kiss/ kill or be killed thats the motto in the streets/ so u gotta keep ur eyes open when niggaz causing heat/ haters wanna see u dead some friends they want the same/ so always show caution when u end up meetig lames/ some niggaz gotta hustle just feed there kids/ niggaz starveing in the hood im just trying to get there fix/ bullets for ur soul if u trying to end my life/ never catch me sleepin so im posted every night/ this game anit for all u gotta be strong/ u gotta fit in where get in where ever u belong/ so imma send bullets for ur soul if u getting out of line/ twins glocks i keep never leave my side/ when its my time to go then nigga imma go/ but until that time comes imma stay upon my toes/ never shake hands with a fake or fucking phoney/ watch out what type of person u call ur fucking homie/ cuz even friends want what u got and wont stop in till they do/ cool all in ur face but they plotting aganist you/ but never show them weakness always stand ur ground/ cuz greatness is achive its not always found/ the pain anit no joke so im steady poppin pills/ life as a hustler boy it gives me chills/ dont know if ull make it to see the sun again/ wondering which friend wake i might have to attend/ cuz these strees they anit no joke they never show remorse/ im married to the streets ill never get divorce/ she will never stay faithful i know she always cheat/ but shes the only bitch i know so ill never leave the streets/ she thought me how to be a man and showed me how to acted/ thought me how to make money so i fell in love that/ introduced me to the jane i never been the same/ i owe my life to this bitch so ill never the game/ so money never sleeps so im always on the go/ feens me callin me blowing up my phone/ so u catch me on my block if u looking for me/ thoughts of a hustler my mind is never free

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