Thoughts During the First Day of Summer College Courses

I scribbled thoughts on a page during a college course I took at my highschool during the summer. This was the only way I wouldn't explode at everyone. Behavior is just awful in the program I'm in. I arranged it and added some explaination.

I fucking hate everyone.

I'm not okay!

I don't want to fucking be here.

This class is for retards.

They are happy to be retarded.

I don't need remedial math.

They think they're so smart. I hate them.

They don't even know how dumb they are.

You're not smart for getting an easy question right.

You're not smart at all.

Please move me to a smart class.

I fantasize about shooting up the school.

This class would be first.

It'll be the only time they'll shut up and listen for once.

If I was holding a gun to their heads.

1.5 hours to go.

Just for this class. There's 2 more.

7 more hours total.


22 more days.


I already know how to add numbers!

Are we really applauded someone for getting a question right?

This is supposed to be a college course.


When is lunch? When do I get to sleep?

Get me the fuck out.


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