Thoughts for the awaken

Stuck surrounded by nothing but water with patches of grass and tiny mountains of sand. Capacitated with the thoughts and memories of the past. The moments that I once lived. If stranded on an island with an option to bring one thing and only one thing, I’d be accompanied by the memories I hold dearest to heart. Isolated in the infatuations of the thoughts that are kept inside and pushed to the back of the mind. Without these memories to serving as a floatie to my sanity, I think I’d sink like a brick in the sea. But with these memories to glide on, I skip like a pebble being thrown against a pond, bouncing up like the raindrops as they hits the ground. The memories I keep bottled up with a tight led will fizzle out as pop when shaken up and opened.This is the type of bubbling I’d need to help me strive for survival.

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