T he

H armless

O ften 

U nnessecary

G ainless 

H elp from

T housands with their

S elfish —


A lthough well-meaning —

N onsensical prayers won’t work, so

D on’t offer them, instead you can:


P rotest and

R ally

A nd

Y ou’ll

E ncourage 

R evolutionary

S oldiers of change


Do I have your attention now?

I refuse to spell it out for you 

a second time.


Read my poems,

And listen to their messages.

My words can only go so far,

when I speak them aloud,

But I have given myself power,

Each time I see my thoughts

in front of me.


I am timid as I stand before an audience,

But each word I send out,

Is a promise to myself,

to every loved one I have lost,

To every stranger I have lost,

And every close call,

To violence that strikes us daily,

For not fitting an agenda.


So no,

My words will never be as simple as,

A thought or prayer.

They will always mean so much more,

A promise to stand with everyone,

As we fight for our liberty,

And justice for all.



*Note - Found this slam when my university posted a link to that advertised of it*




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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