My words eat through my brain like maggots,

they spew from my mouth like roaches

eating through tissue.


I watched them devour you.

i saw your eyes go dead, 

noticed how they began avoiding me.


They began eating through the ground i was standing on

they began ripping through the dirt, softening it.

i began to sink



But by then the maggots had eaten through my head rendering my legs immobile,

unhinging my jaw,

filling my gut.


Completely consuming everything,

my thoughts began swarming from my mouth, eyes and ears,

every orifice of my being.


i am terrified.

i am beginning to unravel,

my muscle tissue, veins separate from bone.


I'm falling apart literally,

chunks of flesh are being left, or dragged a ways 

until the string of flesh snaps away.


I'm so scared.





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