What’s wrong? What are they thinking?

Why did she leave? Why did she walk out the door ?

Oh boy My mind is twisting like gears that shift and switch

Like that old ford. Full of questions

Some that go unanswered. Like when

My mom got on her high horse and

Does not know how step off

The struggles the pain

The games that mom is trying to play

The fights the crime

The stubborn mule ways

Like a buck or a kick in the face

Mind oh yes my mind swerves like

A truck on thin ice

No brake to stop it not even rhyme

But I wake every morning saying what the teacher is going

To make me do now not knowing the

Truth behind the picture perfect frame

Hiding behind the smile just a cover up

From stress and mountain filled with pain

Oh boy There’s my mind goes again shifting and switching

Into gear like the old ford

But in there somewhere is brave girl

Trying to fight with the one thing we can not stop

Our minds filled with good memories and bad

But behind everything there is light

Boom boom here we go again

Knock knock on the door here is life

Not everything can be explained

And some stories go untold.

Oh boy here we go again my mind acting sooo brave

And gears keep going and going like that old ford

With so many things to say but not enough energy to speak.

Pushing and pulling like a horse so strong and proud

Or like a dog with a heart that speaks with love.

We try to say everything but sometimes it come out as

A lie

A dangerous story that we all start first with ourselves

Than with others and lose the thing we cherish the most.

Oh boy here I go again so many gears so much heart but

I still go back to that old ford to think here we go again my

mind never ending thoughts

try to stop Like a truck swerve on thin ice.



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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