For Those Who Dreams


For Those Who Dreams


If you only knew what pains

I have been through in life

just maybe you would understand 

but by the expression upon your face

I can see you’re not listening to me,


I see the anger moving

along your eyes

and the demons running

through your veins 

you don't care about my pains 

you love to give me blame

 and more shame 

you bring on the rain,


you sink into the shadows of my mind

another time in my life;

you are life a thief

that sinks into the night

just to bring on more fright;

you don't play nice 

you sink into the minds

 of those who dreams

you love to make them scream,


in the back of my mind 

I see the signs of all your lies

deep into your eyes 

you cry out in anger 

making thunder all over the land 

deep into a painful sky 

casting evil all over

the sea of darken dreams.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980


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