Those who can't do...

Sun, 10/06/2013 - 13:38 -- wordes


Can I ask you a question?

Of course I can, you’re a teacher

That’s what you do, you teach

You’re supposed to be a humanist and not behave like a leech

But do you really understand what that entails?

To do it at your best and ensure no one fails?


See, I’ll be honest

For the past four years I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt

Through the times you’ve written me up and given orders in a screeching shout

And all those menacing times you came to work and held your horror over our heads

Like it was our fault you spent your weekend binge drinking in your bed


In those days you found it within yourself to tear us down

To turn our smiles into frowns and soak ourselves so deeply in our tears that some of us drowned

You see, it became imposible to believe in the "Power of education" 

How are we suppose to "Strive for a better tommorow" when you tore down our confidence to the point where we couldn't speak without hesitation?



There must have been a specific time when you had dreams

The same time when the happiness in your eyes shot out like beams

There must have been a time when you believed in yourself

And you weren’t so disappointed in the way things turned out


I feel like long ago someone should have told you the truth

That your dreams didn’t necessarily die with your youth

That even in your oldest age you could still live them out

And that you shouldn’t give up and wear your face in a permanent pout


Now, it’s like you live in this permanent angry place

Where there’s no oxygen and no gravity and you’re traveling in space

And you don’t give a damn about our education or even if we pass or fail

You’re only concerned about when you can screw your colleague and get a good wail


I understand the toll it takes on you, your dreams falling apart

But why would you tear mine down before they even start?

All I want from you is to have one ounce of concern or respect

Because I don’t think you realize who your behavior affects



Your lack of caring really brings out my worst devilish mood

And I'm not one act out of emotion and be rude

And believe me when I say I hate to preach

But you know what they say, those who can’t do teach. 







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