Those Summer Days


United States
45° 32' 52.1592" N, 122° 43' 43.7556" W

I miss those warm summer days,
with the bright sun and blue skies.
Spaghetti straps and cut off jeans,
refreshing lemonade and long walks.
I miss those days.

I miss those fun summer days,
running through the cool grass,
and sitting on the docks.
Talking all day about nothing,
just soaking up the rays.
I miss those days.

I miss those long summer days,
spending time with friends,
forgetting all responsibilities and dues.
Losing track of the time,
and creating timeless memories.
I miss those days.

These short autumn days,
with the dark sky and cold rain,
I stay inside with only myself.
Sweaters and corduroy slacks,
knit hats and wool socks,
I miss those warm summer days.

These gray autumn days,
time drags on as color plummets from above,
I only watch from behind paned glass.
Lethargy and listlessness,
I can't see through this frosted window.
I miss those fun summer days.

These dull autumn days,
crawling from under blankets feels like a chore,
icy air prickles my flesh.
Open the blinds,
let as much light in as possible,
for there is very little, even outdoors.
I miss those long summer days.

Summer fades to Autumn,
Autumn cowers under Winter,
Spring breaks through Winter,
Summer blossoms from Spring.

Those great summer days aren't so far off after all.


Jan Wienen

My most enjoyable reading ... good books in winter time ...

There seems a good time in every season available ... for


I had the most vivid image in my mind as I read this. Love it!


great imagery!

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