Those Hands


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Those Hands
From his hands to the wall, that's what she goes through. From the wall, there's a fall, his knee meets her through. Bloody fist out her jaw, now whose the fool, because she knew what she would go through.
But she was in the gutter and he was upper, guess she had to do what makes life better. As bad as it sounds, the fact was round.
She had no luck getting bucks without him, so like a virtual sim she needed an operator to keep her going, even if he gets her running. The site was stunning. The cycle over and over, from his hands, from the wall, there's that fall.
Those bloody fists coming out her jaw, leaving her face raw, the cycle never new, but that becomes untrue. From His hands to the wall, that's what she went through, from the window, what a horrific fall. No one saw, no one even heard the sound. The poor girl was never found.


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