To Those In Education


The school year has begun

And my head is in a twirl

300 days until I’m a graduated girl.

But those numbered days

Will be full of pain and doubt

“The source is from my teachers,”

I think as I pout.


If only they could try

To speak with us one-on-one a little more.

If the math and science geniuses,

Wouldn’t look so pained when we knock on their door.

I’m sorry I have questions,

And my intelligence is below par,

But I need those senior exemptions,

And a higher standardized test score.


So if you all would please,

Become more understanding,

That without me, every night

You’d be making your family dry spaghetti.


Give a bit more effort,

I want to see you try,

Because my nights are spent attending

The homework help hotline.


Remember how to teach your passion,

And remember to love to educate.

Because when I become an award winner,

It’s you I’ll want to dedicate.


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