The Thorn in My Side

Dear Thorn in my side,

You haven’t always had your razor-sharp point embedded in my skin.


You started as a prick and didn’t make my head spin.  As I grew older you injected poisons through your hollow point, and now I follow what you make me see.


I hate that you are now so deep in me that I can’t pull you out. I don’t endeavor in it. You have made your sickness ours and robbed me of my spirit.


You make this pain self-indulged and pitiful. You make me weak and vulnerable.You, Thorn in my side, are a pain in the ass; but I will conquer you, and the things you throw at me like teargas.


I will not allow you to swallow me whole, and bubble me away in your acid stomach of venom.


Thorn, you come in the dark around three o’clock when I am peaceful in slumber frightening me with your fake scenarios and unlikely happenings. I despise how you make my brain tick and tock the wrong way, challenging what everyone's saying.


You have threatened my very existence.


Thorn, you have twisted my mind into your plaything in an instance. You squeeze, poke, and prick at my temporal lobe and amygdala.I will not let you keep me in this prison within myself. 


Stay out of my head let me get on with my vibe; I will conquer you until the day I die.You are forever embedded but that doesn’t mean I can’t block you out.


Thorn, you can’t win I've gained my confidence, and spirit I have this figured out.


These faults in my head are just you drowning me in my self-doubt; I will stay here even if you stomp me down.You cannot win with your strife this is my life, love, and way to live.


I will conquer you,

Thorn in my side. 

                              - Your host,


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