Thor: Captain of the Baseball Team

Prior to the season opener

Tension was abound

Players were anxious

Fans were eager

Coaches were determined


Out stepped from the locker room 

Was a man who cut a tall and handsome figure

A man for whom the expectations of the upcoming season 

Never seemed to weigh in the slightest

A man who exuded the utmost of confidence and belief

That absolved the other players of any apprehension


Coaches glanced up from their notepads in awe of the man 

Who was their star player and captain: Thor 

Thor carried his baseball bat at his side

A bat that was well-worn.

The wooden part of the bat beneath the layers of paint 

Were exposed

Mud stains were abundant on the surface of the bat

Yet the bat showed no signs of yielding 

Neither did its bearer


When the time came to step out onto the field

The players were lead by their intrepid leader Thor

Every step he took in the player's tunnel had instilled a sense of 

Reassurance among the players

Everything was going to be ok

Thor took his position at the front of the line

The rapturous applause from the fans travelled through the walls 

And into the hearts of the players


The look of determination had graced Thor's countenance

The World Series would be his this year and no individual or entity 

Would get in his way. 

Upon taking their positions on the field, Thor stepped up to the plate 

With the bat firmly gripped in his right hand.  


The opposition pitcher, with the sun's glare in his eyes, threw the ball

Slightly rightward from its designated position

Nevertheless, with one swing, Thor sent the ball flying outside the park

For his 1000th career home run


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