This Is To

This is to fight back,

not violently but gradually 

in the streets to meet the justice

they deserve,

with fists tight and high,

as high as skyscrapers

and as low as the streets;

this is to remember details

of innocence

the innocence of some skittles and juice

with a hood up and hands in pockets,

stripped away with a gunshot.


This is to fight back,

not fire with fire

but with the truth against

privileged men

in powerful positions and with no permission;

this is to speak out

that boys will not just be


that she is not asking for it,

that she means no.


This is when fighting back may not be enough,

that peaceful protests turn into punches from the police,

that rape turns into a victim-blaming headline,

that a headpiece presumes you a threat,

that the truth doesn't seem enough.


This is The action,

of courtrooms on deadlock, 

of political decisions, 

of countless debates;

this is to have prosperity,

to have human decency,

to have complete families.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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