Thirteen Silver Spoons

The family safe was opened

With a key that I had found

I saw a doll without a face

I threw it on the ground

 It then let out a whimper Which morphed into a scream I knew that I would take it's place I saw it in a dream  The room around was empty But a table set for two And in the middle, carefully placed Were 13 silver spoons  Music began to play The beat drilled in my head My body then began to dance For this, it had been bred  And like a marionette That couldn't cut its strings Enchanted by the music I'd dance to anything   And ending on a minor key The twisted music stopped I ran to the door to leave this place And found that it was locked  I panicked for a moment And sat in the empty chair I had become resigned That I would just stay there  The room was silent once again Like the calm before a storm Until I heard the ripping fabric Of the clothes that I had worn  A dress too small to fit me Laid listless on the floor A belt was made into a noose And hung beside the door  And I, the silent witness, Felt familiarity And remembered poison apples Fall from broken trees 

This poem is about: 
My family


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