Thinking Aloud


I try to say what is on my mind,

It never turns out right.

I can only guess why it does,

I'm pretty sure that I might,

Say something that could make you laugh.

Or something that could make you cry,

Really all I want to do,

Is tell everyone goodbye.

If I try to say I'm happy,

That never works you know

If I say that I am sad,

Everyone around me says "how so?"

Is it wrong to say the truth?

Is it wrong to be content?

I don't think so but who am I?

Just a girl who spent,

All her life with laughs and hugs,

But all she ever gets

Is a back to her and pat on the back,

Saying "goodbye" with no regrets.

It's my turn now to say goodbye,

Since everyone else does it.

So farewell to you had a ball,

It's time for me to pack my things,

That is it, that is all.


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