Thinking About Tuesday

There when I wake, There for me to take. Tuesday will be here long after I go away.

It's a measurement of time, Fifty-two pass us per year, but only happens once a week.

"Can I truly change direction in my life?" When each day is so bleak.

Wal*mart's such a store, i hope for it soon to retire.

 My hopes are that it'll be gone before I'm put through the fire.

That man had a dream, he promoted the american way.

Now he is gone, the merchandise changed, transformed by our modern day.

"America".... people used to say it proudly.

We used to have a voice, accepted if spoken loudly.

College campuses roared with a want to rebel.

Say something now to prove your point, get told to "go to hell"

I find it hard to believe, thirty years later we're "more advanced"

The only thing that happened were some colorful, nickel inflated stamps.

Ask yourself with serious thinking and feeling, "Do I truly feel like a human"

Because twenty years have passed for me but still i feel so stupid.

I wanted to blame everything for the problem, when in truth there really isn't one.

I spoke out in anger to get them to listen, they assumed it was my idea of fun.

I never wanted their love, just for them to understand there's more in life to find.

Tuesday will be here next week, you can change the opinion, all it takes is time.


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