Think Inside the Box


You try to teach a fish how to climb a tree,
Rather than how it can explore the ocean.

You show a child the multiplication table, 
Instead of the beauty around them.

You speak of our generation as stupid and ignorant,
But yet, who raised us?

We only know our wrongdoings,
And grow to fear to make mistakes,
To take a step,
To make a choice,
To learn to love,
To have a voice.

Instead we think inside a box,
And love to hate,
To keep to ourselves.
And rather than give,
We take.

We can find the value of "x,"
And why an object falls to the ground,
But we won't know how to pick ourselves up,
When life becomes gravity and starts to throw us down.

We are constricted within a linear equation,
And our life is defined by society's expectations,
Rather than our abilities and personality, 
Which consist of more than our mistakes, sexuality or religion.

For life isn't a series of algorithms,
And the world is more than an area of a sphere,
For life is meant to be lived spontaneously,
And the world to be explored as long as we're here.

We are more than just a number,
We are more than just an age.
We are human beings finding our "x,"
And creating our own story with each page.

 Help us create the new tomorrow,
Show us how to make a change.
Teach us the ways of the world,
Open to us the beauty with which it came.




I love this! Good job :)

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