Think First

Before you open your mouth to spit hateful words,why don't you take a glance at whose around you. That girl with the bones jutting out, who you just muttered to, under your breath, that she needs to “just eat a cheeseburger..” Yah, that girl just vomited her whole existence into the toilet bowl and as if that purge wasn’t painful enough, she now stands idly in front of a mirror, naked, tears rolling down her cheeks, ripping herself apart because she is THAT appalled  by the who she sees looking back through the reflection.That girl you're calling a slut because she looks better in that skirt than you ever will, yah, that girl, who heard you snarl at her with your friends as she walked by, the one you said was “asking for it;” Shes gonna go home tonight and crawl into bed praying that her dad drinks too much and passes out before he slips into her room, uninvited, and does what he wants to her. That little girl, never asked for it. And that one over there, who you're whistling at, who you just called “easy” because she is notably young and pregnant. The one you’re your cracking jokes to your friends about, saying you'll help her out free of charge by kicking her down a flight of stairs, or maybe even a free “run in” with a coat hanger. Yeah, that girl is 16 years old, she's a child. And not only is she the product of a rape….but now, so is her daughter.That shy quiet boy who can't hold a conversation; who can't look you in the eyes or even utter a simple sound….that poor sad boy, that you called “pathetic” and a “pansy”.. that you said should just “get it over with and kill himself already.” That boy, just cut his sisters lifeless body down from the ceiling fan in their family room.That pre-teen with the cuts all up her arms and across her thighs and on her chest. That 13 year old that you are calling crazy and psycho; who you’re saying needs to go back to the nut house. Yeah, that girl is gonna go home, take a bottle of xanax, chase it down with a bottle of vodka and kill herself.As a society, why are we so fucked up. Why are people, in the majority, incapable of getting it through our thick dense skulls that not all people wear their pain on their face. Sometimes, it's the happiest people in our lives, the ones with the constant smiles, whole are slowly dying inside. People just don't think before they judge.If someone pisses you off, makes you sad, cheats on you, lies, spreads nasty rumors, is too ugly, is too beautiful, is too thin, is too fat….why do we have to continue the destruction? Who do so many have to destroy other people to lift themselves up? This world is ugly on its own. I am living proof. I am a living breathing piece of history, begging you, at the top of my lungs, to stop the madness. To understand that words kill. Words go so much deeper than the skin. Bruises heal. Cuts close up. We have surgeons who can stitch cuts and lacerations back together. We have doctors in every speciality, trained to achieve perfection. But no doctor, no surgery,  can fix a broken heart. No doctor can eliminate hostility that has already been spoken. We can wash our hands a thousand times butt there’s just  no amount of soap, antiseptic or bleach that can rid you of the residue left under your nails by hate. You cannot take that back. Once you put it out there, it's out there forever. Put the egos aside and just be kind to each other. Initially you might succeed in building yourself up by tearing somebody down, but karma is one mother f#cker none of us can escape. And boy oh boy, what I would give to drive that bus.      

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Our world


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