Things of Which I Admire

When there is something wrong you press;

press nails into palms

teeth into lips

knee to knee

toe to toe

go head to head with the

war that’s going on inside

the need to hide behind

tight lipped smiles and

creased eyes

or press

razor blades into

vulnerable veins

press laughter

out of raw throat press

into hugs to stop the trembling

all lies, of course

because you press

press heart into lungs

and pretend that breathing doesn’t hurt press

tongue into cheek like

not speaking will work

press face into hands and

tearstained cheeks into pillow cases

fists into unforgiving brick press


and on

and on

you press

tentatively or with anger

regretfully or with patience

whether right or wrong

painful or not

when there is something amiss

you. press. on.


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