They say, don’t kiss and tell,

They say, don’t tell after we kiss,

Shaken inside, coz I can’t miss, every taste of the feel.

Maybe I’m crazy,

Maybe I’m lazy,

Just amazed at every moment we have,

Inside, our hearts

Body aside, souls taking the shape of love.


Ours is the best,

Ours at rest, no speed, slow slowing down at every memory we make,

No need of trying hard,

No need of sacrifices coz I can understand your differences

I’m just a salesman, waiting to buy your goods, coz every moment I see you,

My type of way arises,

I feel some type of way, when I reach close,

To you so I feel deep affection

No perfection, on you coz on my side I’m not a perfectionist,

I’m just optimistic about everything you do to me

Coz I understand you.

Just saying; by @bill_rashid


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