Things Unnoticed


United States
32° 45' 40.5936" N, 117° 4' 24.6864" W

The calm before the storm

The rainbow directly after

The way people can come togeter

Followng a disaster


A sunset that marks the end of another day -

Something that should be sad

But isn't because it is portrayed

In such a beautiful way


Something as simple, as wonderful, as natural

As newly hatched sea turtles

Crawling by the hundreds to the sea

Undaunted by the risk of this first battle


A night spent gazing at the stars

At the vastness of the universe

Makes worries seem so small

Like they could be so much worse


So many things go unnoticed

Inspiring awe in all of us

The world's way of giving us

Just one more little bonus

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Our world
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