Things Only a Fat Girl Will Understand

Fat girl wakes up in the morning

Fat girl tries on ten pairs of pants that does not make it look like her sides spill over

Fat girl keeps in the tears because it will smudge the makeup she is so proud of

Fat girl swollows a diet pill, the effects will surely make her desirable

Fat girl goes to school, everybody's eyes are trained on her rolls, or so she thinks

Fat girl wears a large hoodie to hide the fact her shirt shows off some pudge underneath.

Fat girl has a crush on a boy who only talks about thin, pretty girls

Fat girl laughs it off, pretends it does not cut her fat heart to pieces 

Fat girl waddles into the bathroom to sob

Fat girl is in theater - imagine that

Fat girl gets home and swollows another pill, it makes her abdomen hurt but at least that boy will finally like her

Long down the road Fat girl has an epiphany as she is downing another pill

Why is she doing this?

For love?

For looks?

Too fit into the status quo that society has forcibly bestowed upon her?

Fat girl sets down her glass of water, the gears in her fat mind working.

Fat girl goes to a mirror and looks past her round face into what some call deeper than skin

Kind girl sees worth

Unique girl sees acomplishment 

Loved girl sees all of her friends that outdo that boy a thousand times over

Irriplacable girl sees confidence

 Then she hears the little voice she has been sedating with pills for what seems like years finally emerge from its litpton induced coma

you are the equavilant of millions of thin girls.

I am not the number on my scale but the number of my GPA

My carb intake will not confine and define me

I will jiggle until my heart gives out

I am the Fat girl and yes, this chocolate cake does take divine.


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