The Things I Have Done for Love

what are the things one does for love?

isn't love where you give half of your soul to another

isn't love the feeling you get when you see the one

don't you give your undying support attention and emotional well being

all in the name of love

what is love supposed to be really

the undying loyalty of another

the trying of one's honest faith

what in the name of love is love

this is and always be the worlds biggest question

what the fuck is love

I'll tell you what love is

what love is to me

not just you

or the one you seem to love 

but what I can honestly tell you what I do for love

I give myself first

then I tell the truth 

no lying no dying

in love, I see the good in my other half

in love, I give the good I have

when I'm in love I am a fool

when I'm in love I am blind

when I give myself to my other half I am used

I am bullied

I am abused

it sucks whenever I'm in love

but every once in a while there is that one good one

 the one who would rather hurt themselves than hurt you

that is what I work 

what I strive for

someone who will love me as I love them

these are the ridiculous things I do for love

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