Things Arent Always What They Seem


May 15, 2014

A Larcinamonte Robinson Original

Everyone wonders what happened to Brandon.
The same jock who ruled these hallways & once set his eyes on riding a ticket to success.
The same one everyone dreamed to hang out with.
Cause it seemed as if his presence was the gate way to eternal happiness.
When he walked on stage & shook the hands of those who guided him.
Everyone knew, he was going to make it.
Everyone wonders, what happen to Susie.
She had a simple part time job, to make her high school days go quicker.
She was a strait “A” student & graduated as a scholar.
And as she walked on stage & shook the same hands of those who guided her.
Everyone knew she was going to make it.
I wonder what happened to Trent.
He didn’t have much but held his head on high.
He never understand why people looked at him with so much anger.
No one got to know him as a person, but were so quick to judge him of a stranger.
People had a misconception of his outer appearances, for his inner good.
No one knew , his mother recently died from cancer.
No one knew, he’s stuck with an abusive father and 2 young brothers to look after.
His eyes burned from reality. He twitch from dissatisfaction. Veins ran of hatred. He would shiver from the coldness of society.
As he battled to hold on to the last ounce of hope he had left. He soon met Brandon.
Who made everyday of high school a death sentence.
How could people, praise, love and idolize such a monster ?
Trent soon fell in love with a heartless cheerleader.
I remember, he once told me that every moment him and Susie had together could’ve been the last days of his existence.
But that was far from exaggeration, his heart was holding on resistance.
That maybe she never loved him.
The fact of the matter is Trent was just another boy toy to Susie sick and twisted game.
Just another seasoning to a stirring pot of heartache, & guess who was holding the spoon.
He tried to be a man, but what would you expect a high school boy to do ?
Left on this earth to survive on his own. A long lost lonely soul, wondering where his life is going to go daily.
If you looked at the odds, Society never planned for him to make it.
They looked down on the misfortunate, those who’ve been convicted, those who fit the description, another unjustification.
Of a future thug, a crook, a spec who wasn’t going to be nothing.
But they all forgot that , that was still a mothers baby.
as he walked on stage & shook the same hands of those who doubted him.
Everyone knew he wasn’t going to make it.
Everyone wants to know what happened to Brandon.
The same hero everyone dreamed to be.
Excited for an image to see.
Everything was given to him on a silver platter.
Which led to his eternal disaster.
Another waste of pure good talent.
And when he got to college nun of it mattered.
He was a new boy, a cool boy, a party boy.
So instead of hitting the books , it was these chances he took.
Soon after he got expelled & being embarrassed of his absurd behavior, Brandon’s family turned their backs on him.
The same ones who praised him , were now ashamed to call him son.
With no education and his small mind of thinking.
Brandon started slanging dope in search for hope.
Brandon became a joke, that the whole world is in on.
Drowning his sorrows in substances, that didn’t guarantee if he would live.
Brandon was an addict, who needed help.
He had inner demons , that needed to be dealt.
As he laid on his bed, tears falling from his face.
With a weapon , to end the war of depression he’s been battling for 5yrs straight.
Brandon left without a trace, of remembrance.
Everyone wants to know what happened to Susie.
What happened ?
To this beautiful angel , no one could handle.
Eyes so admirable, you would’ve lost your way in search of her soul.
Now, if you tried to look. Its just a dark and hollow hole.
This fallen angel soon became cold.
Trying to find herself in men, that only wanted her for a night, a moment, a simple thrill for their satisfaction. to only become a forgotten memory of someone’s regret.
What did you expect.
All of those broken hearts finally got the best of her.
Once again karma snuck behind its victim, leaving them helpless.
Guilt so unbearable, she would choke if she tried to swallow.
Cant even hold it together.
If only she listened to the women, who told her “ If you fall for everything, you’ll fall forever”
As for Trent, his father passed and now he has 2 young boys depending on him.
He always listened to the critics, to the superficial , that signed their initials on his life sentence of never ending failure.
Down with nothing to look forward to, he started to remember.
Everything that he had hope for, everything that he had dreamed of, was so close to his touch.
in fetal position, of his favorite corner, in his darkest room.
He shed his last tear, and got up.
He strived for a new beginning. Closing the door of his destructive past.
& after 5 long years.
Trent finally made it.



Beautiful and reflective of today's society.


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