A Thing Called Love


United States
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No two stories are the same
Even the ones with alike names
Now here’s the story of a girl
Who met a boy and changed his world
They met on Facebook, yes that’s right
They met that day and talked all night
They spoke of music, films, and books
Of how she sings and how he cooks
They talked forever, they typed and typed
Eventually they switched to Skype
And as he gazed upon her face
His mind was calm but his heart would race
This girl was perfect or so she seemed
She was everything of which he dreamed
Eight hours they spoke without a break
Their meeting was planned, it was not a mistake
Their closeness lasted for weeks on end
To him they were soul mates, to her they were friends
He was convinced what they had was real
And was convinced she too could feel
He told her he loved her, he asked for a chance
But she stared at the floor and would not spare a glance
He bit down on his lip as he heard the girl cry
"I'm sorry, I can't" so he asked the girl "why?"
"I cant explain why," she sorrily said
He watched her run off, his pride softly bled
His heart was broken, what they had was gone
She made herself distant, their friendship withdrawn
There was no justification that he could think of
But she did not believe in a thing called love


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